Trinity Sunday, June 12, 2022


Gathering Music: Hymn # 15 “All Creatures of Our God and King”

Welcome and Announcements

Prelude: “Prairie Blossoms” by Jack Butler

* Call to Worship         

Because from the beginning God has been faithful,

We aim to serve God with lives of faithfulness.

Because in the Trinity God patterned community,

We bring our lives together in this church.

Because God’s prophets stood up for justice,

We join our voices to witness for peace

Because God has showered us with love,

We gather to worship;

Let us pray:

* Prayer of the Day    

Holy Trinity, we honor this day the majesty and the mystery of your name. You are both infinite and intimate, known and unknowable, transcendent and transparent. In love, you have made us your own, and invite us to join in your divine dance. May we never rest until we rest in you, Blessed Three-in-One, now and ever. Amen.

* Hymn of Praise #11 “Source and Sovereign, Rock and Cloud”

* Invitation to Forgiveness

By faith in Jesus Christ, we are given access to the grace of God.  Standing in that grace, we submit to our Maker, seeking forgiveness and peace.

* Prayer of Wholeness

Triune God, within your own life there is mutuality, equality, and unity in diversity.  Though we are made in your image, we confess that we all too often distort the triune life for which you made us.  Instead of seeking mutual welfare and the common good, we seek our own gain.  Instead of living in equality, justice, and respect, we construct systems that are unjust.  We devise ways to elevate ourselves over others, and disrespectful thoughts, words, and actions still surface in us.  We allow differences to divide us and lead to brokenness.  Holy God, forgive us.  Restore in us, and in our life together, the divine image you intend.  Make us tender in mutuality.  Make us generous in equality.  Make us grateful in diversity.  We pray to be one with you and one another, through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

* Kyrie #437 “You are the Lord, Giver of Mercy”

* Assurance of Pardon and Passing of the Peace

Friends, believe this Good News: God is One and God is Three – Love constantly flowing in, out, and through; the gift of Jesus Christ for me and for you. For this we say:

Thanks be to God!

Since God has loved us through Christ, let us love one another. Please share a sign of peace with those with whom you are worshiping.

Sung Response: #581 Gloria Patri

Celebrating Joys and where we have seen God at work.

Sung Response: #628 “Praise, I Will Praise You, Lord”


Prayer of Illumination:

Living Word, you still have many things to say to us.  Speak, and we will try to hear them. By your Word, may the Spirit guide us into all truth, that our lives may glorify you.  Amen.

Hebrew Scripture Reading: Proverbs 8:1-4, 22-31 p. 785-786

“The Word of the Lord” “Thanks be to God”

Epistle Reading: Romans 5:1-5 p. 207-208

“The Word of the Lord” “Thanks be to God”

Children’s Moment

Gospel Reading: John 16:12-15 p. 149

“The Gospel of the Lord” “Praise to you O Christ”

Sermon: TL 06-12-2022 YC A Knot of One~ Pastor Scott Crane

Please spend several moments in silent reflection


* Hymn of Response: “Trinity Dance” (See insert)

* Affirmation: The Nicene Creed (p. 34, Hymnal)

Prayers of the People/Intercession

Call and response: “Lord, in your mercy, Hear our prayers.”

Minute for Mission

Invitation to Present Our Offerings

Out of the abundance of God’s own life, we have received the abundance of God’s creation, God’s word, and God’s love.  Let us not live as if we are threatened with scarcity, but let us live with generosity, returning to God a portion of all we have been given.

Offertory: “Gavotte” by Paul Zilcher

* Doxology: #606 with text from #607. (Sub. “all creatures” for “all people.”)

* Prayer of Dedication and Thanksgiving followed by

* The Lord’s Prayer “…debts…debtors…” found on p. 35 in Hymnal


* Closing Hymn #295 “Go to the World!”

* Blessing and Charge

* Congregational Song “Let There Be Peace on Earth”

Lyrics found on the inside front cover of the hymnal. Bathrooms and a diaper changing station are located in the Fellowship Hall.  Please join us across the way for refreshments and conversation following worship.

Questions for Reflection

Trinity Sunday is not so much a day for explanations as it is a day for reflection on the majesty and mystery of the fullness of God: God as Creator, Lawgiver, the One who performs mighty acts; God as Messiah and Lord, Savior, Liberator, known to us in Jesus Christ; God as Holy Spirit, Wind and Flame, Advocate, Comforter. How does thinking of God in this Trinitarian way inform, even increase, your understanding of God? Do you experience God, or relate more easily to God, in one of the three “Persons” of God more than the other two? What causes you to relate to God more closely in this way?

Household Prayer: Morning

Creator God, I wake this morning to the beauty of the world as though it were the first morning of creation. As the light of the sun rises on all that you have made, I pray that my spirit may rise also. Help me to be ready to greet you however and in whomever you make yourself known to me today. Help me to pause in moments of this day to glimpse the beauty you have made, offered as gift and sign of your abiding presence. I entrust myself and those I love to you this day, knowing that you promise to be with us always. In your holy, triune name I pray. Amen.

Household Prayer: Evening

O God, my Advocate and Comforter, I rest in you. The evening falls and the darkness does not overcome me, for you are my light. You are the Light of the world. I bring to you the passing cares of this day, and the deeper cares of my life and those I love. Breathe peace on all that stirs in me and whirls around me. Breathe peace into every troubled place and person this night. Shine on us, in us, and through us. I know that when I awake, I will still be with you, Holy One who is Source, Word, and Wisdom. Amen.

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