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Author’s Note: While I have only one completed book at this time, I have several more on the drawing board waiting for when I have the time to work properly on them – and find the right publishing company to work with.  My first try has been a steep learning curve for me; never-the-less, I am honored to offer this timely children’s book for those children (and survivor parents) who have lost someone they love and wonder what happens next.  I offer a prayer of peace for each of you as you seek out the best tools and help you need at the loss of a caring adult in your life.

Sincerely,  Scott T. Crane

COVID-19 has impacted many families in our country to date.  Sometimes children have lost a parent, grandparent, or other caring adult family member when they are young. This heart-warming book touches on grief and loss with grace and openness, allowing survivor parents or other caring adults to help children (and sometimes themselves!) begin to come to terms with their loss.

This heart-warming book touches on grief and loss with grace and openness.

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ISBN 13 (SOFT): 9781664231399
ISBN 13 (eBook): 9781664231405


Rev. Dr. Scott T. Crane has been a preschool teacher, a substitute teacher for elementary and middle schools, a Director of Christian Education and Children’s Ministry, an avid summer camp staff professional, and is a pastor in the Presbyterian Church (USA).