Sabbatical Musings, Part the First

“For such a time as this…”

Rain drops on the window speak to me of my worlds – in, out; reflection, tactile; each drop showing in its entirety the reflected worlds within and without.

On the window, those raindrops sit isolated but a part of a greater whole of stormy weather all around. I sit, dry, listening to the drum of drops upon the roof.

Upon further reflection, this is a message about where I belong. Outside the raindrop, I too am reflected in its surface, yet I also, in my work, have been “filling in the gaps” between. See, I am a daddy first in this chapter of life, and a homemaker second, if a poor one. So in my work outside of my Children’s lives in school, I fit myself into my work around the edges; like the raindrops, in between each bubble of liquid life is the “fill in space.” I close my eyes and pray – some in silence, hoping to hear God’s voice in the rain…

Where do I belong? In the middle, in the midst, in the cracks around each raindrop.

I open my eyes, start the car, and wipe away the rain; now a clean slate for more drops to fall.

~ Scott

About Scottrick

Parent ~ Pastor ~ Poet ~ Author
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